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Agromatic burner for biofuel combustion is back in stock

Due to high interest in devices for combusting agripellet or biofuels observed in the past few months, we included Agromatic burner in our sale offer again.


The most important advantages of Agromatic burner:

  • designed for combusting A1, A2, B class pellet and agripellet (straw, sunflower), biofuels (nutshells, cherry and olive stones)
  • Agromatic is equipped with a function of automatic ash removal from the burner grate and cleaning of air supply openings. These properties significantly increase fuel combustion efficiency.
  • the process of automatic ignition and damping as well as automatic cleaning introduces comfort, which is finally available for users of retort coal boilers
  • efficient agripellet combustion requires a temperature of approx. 900°C, i.e. over 200°C higher than the temperature obtained in a traditional boiler with low heating capacity. This temperature leap was achieved thanks to the use of a steel and ceramic composite burner cover. Reinforced ceramics with acid-proof stainless steel elements – apart from the advantage of increasing the temperature – is very resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage. High combustion temperature has a positive effect on reducing emissions of gases.
  • Agromatic is intended for owners of automatic coal boiler houses who plan a retrofit without additional alterations.


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