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new compact Twin Bio Luxury NE. First pellet boiler in Poland with variable geometry using our innovative Platinum Bio VG series burner.

Compatible with any wood pellet type (class: A1, A2, B) .
A+ Energy Class 5 Class Ecodesign 2020 VG - Variable Geometry Technology Platinum Bio VG Burner Patent OMS - Monitoring and control system OMS System Patent
A1 Pellets A2 Pellets B Pellets A1 Pellets/Oat
A1 Pellets A2 Pellets B Pellets A1 Pellets/Oat
This device is subsidised in these countries:

Poland Slovakia Czech Republic
Twin Bio Luxury Compact NE
8 kW 10 kW 12 kW 16 kW 24 kW
Twin Bio Luxury Compact NE See product
  • Passive house Passive house
  • Single-family house Single-family house
  • Multi-family house Multi-family house
  • Small farm Small farm


A modern boiler with an integrated burner, storage hopper and fuel feeder. Compact shape and small dimensions perfect for boiler rooms with limited space.



Twin Bio Luxury boiler features OMS for boiler and burner condition monitoring. When the controller receives information about any irregularities, the device is disabled and a message is displayed on the boiler controller or the weather compensator screen.



Innovative Platinum Bio VG burner automatically adjust its parameters to the building’s heat demand by increasing or decreasing its size (variable burner grate length). The burner design uses a variable geometry (VG) technology. Patented in the Polish Patent Office.



All our devices undergo a series of tests to verify the flow rates, strength and stresses followed by long-term strength tests in a laboratory.


All boiler and central heating system functions can be remotely monitored using a PC or a smartphone (optional).


We maintain an extensive service network. Over 200 qualified service engineers provide warranty and post-warranty services in Poland and abroad.


Even the best boiler isn’t enough. We offer complete boiler room and heating system solutions. We offer advanced solutions including pellet storage, pneumatic fuel feeding, cascade automation, weather compensated CH system control, DHW and buffer tank control, return protection, fuel and ash sensors, heat pump, solar panel and gas boiler control.

Tests and certificates

Our boilers are tested by an accredited testing facility - a member of the international Association of Accreditation.


The test results show that KOSTRZEWA products meet the emission requirements laid down in the Ecodesign Directive and guarantee user safety.


All boiler types undergo over 20 different tests including:


  • Boiler pressure test at 4 bar
  • Energy-efficiency and emission tests at 10%, 11% and 13% fuel oxygenation
  • Energy consumption test in operation and standby mode
  • Operational test in a closed loop system without auxiliary safety devices
    Our boilers are included in the list of devices qualifying for a subsidy in many EU countries.


We recommend


and convenience
  KOSTRZEWA PLATINUM BIO VG BURNER - burns  pellets : A1, A2, B


Compatible with certified class A1 pellet and economy class A2 and B pellet. Regular slag (cinder) removal is no longer needed even with low quality pellets. The burner is cleaned automatically in a continuous operation mode. Platinum Bio VG burner is patent protected (patent no. 228615, Patent Office of the Republic of Poland).

  KOSTRZEWA OMS SYSTEM - operating and monitoring system

KOSTRZEWA OMS SYSTEM - operating and monitoring system

Operating and monitoring system for solid fuel boilers. Our boilers are fitted with a system monitoring fuel level in the storage tank and the amount of ash in the ash pan to guarantee convenient and comfortable operation. In many boilers without a similar system available on the market user must remember to refill fuel and remove ash regularly. The system, developed by KOSTRZEWA, measures and notifies the user in advance on required actions (fuel refilling or ash removal). Notifications are displayed on a boiler controller screen and a room temperature controller screen. Our solution is patent protected.

  KOSTRZEWA PELLETS VACUUM pneumatic pellet feeding system

KOSTRZEWA PELLETS VACUUM pneumatic pellet feeding system

A virtually maintenance-free pneumatic device feeding pellet at a large distance from the storage area directly to the boiler including multiple sensors for a fully automatic operation.  If MINIMUM level is detected in the buffer tank, it is immediately refilled to the MAXIMUM level. The device can also be timer programmed, i.e. the buffer tank will be refilled to the MAXIMUM level at a pre-set date and time.



Automatic system controls: fuel feeding from the storage hopper, fuel feeder, pressure blower, igniter, CH pump, DHW pump, fuel level sensor, boiler/buffer tank pump, linear actuator, mixing valve, central heating system mixing valve and four auxiliary mixing valve - module B - 2 mixing valves (optional) + module C - 2 mixing valves (optional), recirculation pump (optional) and buffer tank (optional).


Optional accessories: external temperature sensor, CH sensor, DHW sensor, return temperature sensor, colour ecoSTER TOUCH control panel with remote boiler control, programmable wireless 7-day thermostat, programmable wired 7-day thermostat, adjustable temperature sensor, EcoLAMBDA oxygen sensor, auxiliary extension module (B) and auxiliary module 

Twin Bio Luxury Compact NE
Object power selection
Boiler power Heating surface
m2 m3
8 kW 30 - 140 75 - 350
10 kW 30 - 160 75 - 400
12 kW 50-200 125 - 500
16 kW 85 - 200 212 - 500
24 kW 100 - 300 250 - 750
Surface is provided at ceiling height of 2.5 m.
8 kW 10 kW 12 kW 16 kW 24 kW
Flue draught mbar 0,10 - 0,25 0,10 - 0,25 0,15 - 0,25 0,15 -0,25 0,15 - 0,30
Water capacity dm3 44 44 44 58 65
Maximum working pressure bar 2 2 2 2 2
Test pressure bar 4 4 4 4 4
Flue gas temperature at rated output °C 89,2 100,0 111,8 112,9 140,9
Flue gas temperature at minimum output °C 68,3 68,3 71,7 72,7 78,3
Flue gas mass flow at rated output kg/s 0,00542 0,00644 0,00726 0,00889 0,01419
Flue gas mass flow at minimum output kg/s 0,00301 0,00301 0,00352 0,00283 0,00442
Flue connector diameter mm 127 127 127 159 159
Flow resistance at 10 K mbar 5,23 5,45 6,55 1,7 3,8
Flow resistance at 20 K mbar 4,84 4,9 5,9 0,5 1,1
Rated heat output kW 2,5 - 8,3 3 - 10 3,6 - 12 4,5 -15 7,2 - 24
Efficiency at rated output % 92,2 91,6 91,3 92,2 91,3
Efficiency at minimum output % 87,5 87,5 87,7 90,3 91,7
Boiler class as per EN 303-5 5 5 5 5 5
Combustion time at rated output
(fuel calorific value: 18,305 kJ/kg)
h 44 37 29,5 36 24
Temperature controller settings range °C 50 - 80 50 - 80 50 - 80 50 - 80 50 - 80
Minimum water return temperature °C 45 45 45 45 45
Fuel type Class Sawdust granulate (pellet made according to EN ISO 17225-2 class A1)
Test fuel used in the certification procedure - A1.
Also compatible with A2, B class pellet.
Storage hopper capacity l 137 137 137 202 202
Hopper dimensions mm 505x270 505x270 505x270 505x270 505x270
Power supply V / Hz / A 230, 50, 2 230, 50, 2 230, 50, 2 230, 50, 2 230, 50, 2
Power input at rated output W 56 56 87 82 128
Power input at minimum output W 20 20 25 23 27
Power input in STANDBY mode W 2 2 2 2 2
Maximum power input W 485 485 485 492 492
Maximum noise level dB 52 52 52 52 52
Fuel diameter mm 6 6 6 6 6

PELLET is a processed waste timber compressed under high pressure without use of any bonding agents.


PELLET CLASSES TO PN-EN ISO 17225-2:2014-07:

A1 - ash content ≤0.7% Premium quality product
A2 - ash content ≤1.2%
B - ash content ≤2%

PELLET - eco-friendly, high-energy clean fuel!

Ceramics is everywhere - the combustion chamber, the heat exchanger and the burner are coated with advanced ceramics to improve the combustion process and efficiency and to reduce the emission. During operation, the ceramics heats up to over 1,000°C to improve the biomass combustion efficiency.


Flue gas vortex generators retain energy inside the boiler.


User Manual 6.24 MB
Tank installation manual 8.99 MB
Controller user manual 4.25 MB

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