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Service trainings

Basic conditions for obtaining the status of Authorised Service Provider of the KOSTRZEWA company


  • Running your own business

  • Possession of current  electrical certificates

  • Declaration of investment in own spare parts warehouse

  • Possession of a car

  • Possession of an exhaust gas analyser
  • Industry-specific education; bonus points for electronic or electrotechnical

  • Credentials from industry companies

  • Professional experience (practical) in the installation of heating appliances

  • Availability

  • Readiness to work irregular hours

  • Professionalism, manual skills

  • Taking care of your and your company's image

  • Readiness to invest in professional tools and measuring equipment

  • Possession of a mobile phone, a computer and an e-mail address

  • Impeccable manners

  • Completion of training in servicing KOSTRZEWA sp.k. devices organized by the manufacturer


In order to apply for participation in the training, please contact us via e-mail


The organizer reserves the right to cancel the training and change experts for reasons beyond the organizer's control.






Kostrzewa level I ASP training application form 526.14 KB
Kostrzewa level II ASP training application form 36.04 KB