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Kostrzewa company - the manufacturer of ecological central heating boilers and pellet burners, is looking for installers interested in selling and installing our products on the booming biomass equipment market. We have been producing state-of-the-art heating devices for both residential and industrial buildings for over 45 years. We have an extensive technical facility, our own construction department, a modern research laboratory and an extensive network of authorized service points.

In response to the unceasingly growing interest in ecological and economical biomass equipment, KOSTRZEWA has been conducting intensified expansion of its sales network. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!


Why is it worth cooperating with KOSTRZEWA?

We are a dynamically developing manufacturer of ecological biomass heating devices. We are successively and consistently expanding our company's sales network. We have the largest and fastest growing authorized service network for biomass boilers in Poland. At the moment, we have 130 external, authorized service points. We also have a rich technological facility. Thanks to our own Construction Department, we can implement cutting-edge technological solutions within the manufactured equipment. Our boilers, with an extensive automation, save fuel and help take care of the quality of air. We test the designed equipment in our own research laboratory. The obtained parameters - including thermal efficiency and exhaust and dust emissions - is confirmed by research conducted in an authorized laboratory. We guarantee heating equipment of the highest class 5, manufactured in accordance with EN 303:5-2021, which makes us the domestic leader of biomass heating installations.


Who are we looking for?


Companies that recognize the problem of air pollution and are determined to act effectively so as to improve the situation. This can be accomplished by promoting and introducing high quality eco-friendly biomass boilers to the market, manufactured by KOSTRZEWA. We are interested in establishing cooperation with companies that are already operating in this field or intend to take such a challenge.


We ask for self-presentation


If you are interested in establishing cooperation with KOSTRZEWA, please contact us and send a written response to the following questions:

  • What does your company do?
  • What devices does it sell/install?
  • What quantities on an annual basis?
  • How many people does your company employ?
  • Do you have a commercial, exposition or warehouse facility?
  • Have your company ever had any contact with biomass boilers?