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Eco-friendly and efficient
The device has been awarded an ECODESIGN certificate, features A+ energy rating, energy efficiency and emission standards to Directive 2009/125/EC of 21 October 2009 and the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2015/1189.
A+ Energy Class Ecodesign 2020 OMS PRO - Monitoring and control system 5 Class
A1 Pellets A2 Pellets B Pellets
A1 Pellets A2 Pellets B Pellets
This device is subsidised in these countries:

Poland Austria Slovakia Czech Republic Netherlands United Kingdom
EEI Pellets
50 kW 75 kW 100 kW 150 kW 200 kW 285 kW
EEI Pellets See product
  • Multi-family house Multi-family house
  • Small farm Small farm
  • Large farm Large farm
  • Industrial and public buildings Industrial and public buildings


This is the main goal of our designers. No other boiler available in Poland is as efficient. Compact heat exchanger, efficient water jacket and thermal insulation guarantee the highest efficiency. A combustion process monitored by the oxygen sensor and Fuzzy Logic 2 controller guarantees the lowest emission and fuel consumption.



Highest quality materials and components by renown manufacturers guarantee the highest reliability of our boilers. Regular maintenance and annual inspections guarantee failure-free operation for over a dozen years.



Our boilers guarantee failure-free operation for many years. High quality steel and the highest quality components. All our boilers are individually tested for durability at min.  6 bar - a feature hardly ever found elsewhere.



Innovative rotary PLATINUM BIO SPIN burner guarantees maintenance-free combustion of class A1, A2 and B wood pellets. The technology used allows to purchase pellet up to 50% cheaper than available for owners of other boilers (usually more expensive class A1 pellets).



Even the best boiler isn’t enough. We offer complete boiler room and heating system solutions. We offer advanced solutions including pellet storage, pneumatic fuel feeding, cascade automation, weather compensated CH system control, DHW and buffer tank control, return protection, fuel and ash sensors, heat pump, solar panel and gas boiler control.

Tests and certificates

Our boilers are tested by an accredited testing facility - a member of the international Association of Accreditation.


The test results verify that our high quality products are safe and meet the emission requirements that will be introduced in Poland in 2020


All boiler types undergo over 20 different tests including:


  • Boiler pressure test at 6 bar
  • Energy-efficiency and emission tests at 10%, 11% and 13% fuel oxygenation
  • Energy consumption test in operation and standby mode
  • Operational test in a closed loop system without auxiliary safety devices
    Our boilers are included in the list of devices qualifying for a subsidy in many EU countries.



OMS PRO (operating monitoring system)

OMS PRO (operating monitoring system)

A remote monitoring and operating system developed by KOSTRZEWA for large pellet boiler rooms. The control system of a boiler and its function often does not meet all the requirements of the owner or boiler room operator. We have developed OMS PRO to provide additional functions: remote monitoring of the boiler room parameters, boiler cascade system monitoring, auxiliary heat source control, fuel storage and feeding system control, emergency and reserve conditions monitoring and many other functions. OMS PRO also allows real-time monitoring by our service department with remote access and technical support



An innovative burner with a rotating combustion chamber for granulated biomass fuels with ash content up to 2% (pellet class A1, A2, B); patented at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. 2nd generation Fuzzy Logic controller and two-section menu for reduced fuel consumption by up to 20% and reduced component wear compared to other available burners (reduced number of burner start-ups significantly reduces the amount of energy used). Burner cleaning has never been this easy - mechanical cleaning of the combustion chamber through the rotation of Platinum Bio SPIN’s grate. The rotation frequency is programmed to remove excessive ash depending on the fuel used to reduce burner shutdowns interval from 3 days to about 2 weeks (depending on the ash content of the fuel).



A virtually maintenance-free pneumatic device feeding pellet at a large distance from the storage area directly to the boiler including multiple sensors for a fully automatic operation.  If MINIMUM level is detected in the buffer tank, it is immediately refilled to the MAXIMUM level. The device can also be timer programmed, i.e. the buffer tank will be refilled to the MAXIMUM level at a pre-set date and time.

  KOSTRZEWA EEI Pellets 50 - 285 kW boiler with Platinum Bio Spin burner

KOSTRZEWA EEI Pellets 50 - 285 kW boiler with Platinum Bio Spin burner

Watch a video presentation of EEI Pellets 50 - 285 kW boiler  (with Platinum Bio Spin burner)

EEI Pellets
Object power selection
Boiler power Heating surface
m2 m3
50 kW 300 - 750 750 - 1875
75 kW 400 - 900 1000 - 2250
100 kW 600 - 1300 1500 - 3250
150 kW 1000 - 1800 2500 - 4500
200 kW 1100 - 2600 2750 - 6500
285 kW 1400 - 3700 3500 - 9250
Surface is provided at ceiling height of 2.5 m.
50 kW 75 kW 100 kW 150 kW 200 kW 285 kW
Flue draught mbar 0,15-0,25 0,15-0,25 0,15-0,30 0,15-0,30 0,15-0,30 0,15-0,30
Rated heat output kW 50 75 100 150 200 285
Minimum heat output kW 15 22,5 30 45 60 85,5
Flue gas mass flow at rated output kg/h 117,3 183,6 214,6 281,5 417,2 532,3
Flue gas mass flow at minimum output kg/h 60,7 100,8 151,6 162,4 174,6 313,2
Combustion time at rated output (fuel calorific value 18,305 kJ/kg) h 30,5 20,5 15,4 10,3 7,7 6
Setting range for the temperature controller °C 50-80 50-80 50-80 50-80 50-80 50-80
Fuel type Class Sawdust granulate (pellet made according to EN ISO 17225-2 class A1)
Test fuel used in the certification procedure - A1.
Also compatible with A2 and B class pellet.
Storage hopper capacity (standard) l 295 295 295 295 295 295
Power supply V / Hz / A 230 / 50 / 2 230 / 50 / 2 230 / 50 / 2 230 / 50 / 2 230 / 50 / 2 230 / 50 / 2
Power input at rated output W 114 189 244 346 421 634
Power input at minimum output W 43 65 67 129 131 179
Power input in STANDBY mode W 3,4 3,4 3,4 3,4 3,4 3,4
Maximum power input W 950 1060 1060 1065 1136 1365
Maximum noise level dB - - - - - -
Flow resistance at 20 K Q [m3h-1]
ΔP [mbar]
Flow resistance at 10 K Q [m3h-1]
δP [mbar]
Storage hopper capacity (option) l 470, 850, 1510, 1540



Galvanized and machine manufactured pellet storage hoppers are used as intermediate stores. The storage hoppers can be refilled manually or automatically from another store using Pellets Vacuum system. Available storage hopper capacities allow to position the boiler anywhere in the boiler room and extend the boiler operation time without manual refills. Optional storage hoppers from 295 l up to 1540 l capacity (approx. 1 tonne of pellet) are available.



Are you planning to install a new or make alterations to the existing boiler room?


We offer comprehensive consulting and support at each investment stage. We can help you develop a concept design, support the designer, and choose automatics, fuel feeding and fuel storage systems. We will present the actual investment costs and the base cost estimate. Each boiler room fitted with our boiler is covered by our technical support including a remote technical support.


KOSTRZEWA EEI Pellets 50 - 285 kW in the boiler room


Watch a video presentation of EEI Pellets 50 - 285 kW in the boiler room showing: 

boiler installation methods,  boiler stoking methods and Vacuum Pellets system design and operation.


User manual - Regulator 3.75 MB

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