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Electric Boiler
The most cost-efficient heating device for single-dwelling units, multi-dwelling units and bungalows. As a standalone heat and hot water system it works best with photovoltaics. It perfectly complements other devices, e.g. solid fuel boiler, heat pump or fireplace and effectively supports other heating devices in emergency or fuel shortage situations.
12 (2-12kW) 24 (4-24 kW)
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  • Passive house Passive house
  • Single-family house Single-family house
  • Multi-family house Multi-family house
  • Bungalow Bungalow
  • Commercial and retail unit Commercial and retail unit


Boiler control using a colour touch panel with temperature sensor installed in the room (standard) and various functions e.g. ‘heat now’. A schedule lets users benefit from the economy night energy tariffs.



No need for a boiler room or fuel storage room - ELE boiler can be cheaply, easily and safely installed in any location in the house due to its silent operation and no flue gas emission. The device does not require gas and chimney connection and does not have to meet the strict ventilation requirements - all you need is an electrical energy supply.



The device is very quiet thanks to silent semiconductor relays used to activate individual heating modules.



Gradual increase in power without excessive load to the power supply system.



Power selection in the service menu: 


ELE 12

ELE 24


 2 kW

 4 kW

 6 kW

 8 kW

10 kW

12 kW



 4 kW

 8 kW

12 kW

16 kW

20 kW

24 kW




Kostrzewa ELE24

  • Several power settings in a single device. KOSTRZEWA ELE – automatic device heat output modulation depending on the heat demand of the heated room.
  • Water temperature regulation in the hot water storage cylinder, and boiler and circulation pump activation based on a preset daily and weekly program.
  • Compatible with any central heating system and hot water heat exchanger.

  • Central heating circuit temperature control from 20 to 80°C.

  • Continuous operation with constant preset boiler temperature.

  • Weather compensation - radiator temperature compensated based on the external temperature.

  • Heat output-based central heating pump control to maintain high boiler efficiency (PWM).

  • FL2 type output-temperature modulation.


  • 2 in 1 touch panel with room temperature controller

  • Circulation pump

  • Safety fixtures and fittings including a safety valve

  • 8 litre capacity membrane expansion vessel

  • Automatic air vent


  • External temperature sensor

  • Hot water temperature sensor

  • Internet module

  • Hot water diverter valve

  • Cascade operation controller

  • Auxiliary controller for additional heating circuits (controls three heating circuits, including two with mixing valves, buffer tank and hot water storage)

e-GP control system with 2 in 1 colour touch panel (boiler controller = room thermostat)

e-GP control system with 2 in 1 colour touch panel (boiler controller = room thermostat)

The control system controls: the electric heating components, PWM circulating pump, central heating/hot water diverter valve, hot water circulating pump

Supports: external temperature sensor, hot water temperature sensor, safety sensors.


Control system features:

  • compatible with the INTERNET module
  • adjusts boiler parameters to the heat demand


Optional accessories: external temperature sensor, hot water temperature sensor, hot water circuit sensor, auxiliary controller for additional heating circuits



Advanced HVAC management system logics sets the optimum boiler parameters and is compatible with other KOSTRZEWA devices - KOSTRZEWA ELE boiler is compatible with pellet boilers or other new KOSTRZEWA products - heat pump and heat recovery ventilation unit. All devices can be controlled via a single controller.



an advanced communication module compatible with Kostrzewa boiler controllers. Use your smartphone, tablet or PC to access your boiler parameters.


How does it work?
• You can manage your boiler operation on your PC at the webside
• Monitor and manage boiler operation on your PC and view the central heating boiler status, alarm history and fuel consumption charts.



Surplus energy from your photovoltaic system can be used to heat your home. An average photovoltaic system in a single-dwelling unit provides approx. 10 kWp corresponding to approx. 10,000 kWh a year on average. Average energy demand for lighting, household devices and home entertainment devices is approx. 3,000 kWh a year. The remaining energy from the sun can be used to heat spaces and water using KOSTRZEWA ELE electric boiler. Using renewable energy sources in residential applications can help us transition from fossil fuels and resolve the climate crisis.

Object power selection
Boiler power Heating surface
m2 m3
12 (2-12kW) 50 - 200 125 - 500
24 (4-24 kW) 50 - 300 125 - 750
Surface is provided at ceiling height of 2.5 m.
12 (2-12kW) 24 (4-24 kW)
Rated power kW 12 24
Maximum power (setpoint)* kW 2/4/6/8/10/12 4/8/12/16/20/24
Maximum allowable pressure MPa 0,2 (2 bar)
Minimum pressure MPa 0,05 (0,5 bar)
Supply temperature °C 20÷80
Power supply V 230V lub 400V 3N ~
Maximum power supply cable csa mm2 5x 10
Rated safety valve pressure bar 2,5
Overall dimensions (height x width x depth) mm 715x542x300
Weight kg 38
Boiler connection ports GZ ¾”
Expansion vessel capacity l 8
Thermal safety device °C 90
Protection rating IP 20
Maximum output (preset) - target boiler output is set by the installer during installation or servicing.
X - not applicable


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Energy label ELE 12 134.08 KB
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