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EcoNET 300 internet module for smart heat management

My house is kept warm for a reasonable cost. I can control my heating using my smartphone. Remote boiler control is easy from anywhere without any limitation - even a long way from home - all you need is Internet access. I would recommend it to anyone who value their time and like convenience.


This is the opinion of a user who decided to purchase ecoNET 300 internet module with Kostrzewa pellet heating devices connectivity.


How does it work?

  • EcoNET 300 is an advanced communication module for operating controllers installed in the Kostrzewa boilers. You can access the key boiler parameters using your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • You can manage your boiler operation using your smartphone or tablet with ecoNET app (iOS/Android) installed.
  • You can manage your boiler operation using your PC at
  • Comprehensive central heating boiler status, alarm history and fuel consumption graphs are available when managing your boiler operation using the PC. 


Communication between the boiler and the internet module provides full control of KOSTRZEWA boilers. The internet module also provides analysis of different heating system operation. A general graph shows operation of key heating system components. Fuel consumption graph shows how much fuel was used by the boiler in a specific period. You can easily calculate how much do you spend on heating every day. You can also view the operating parameters of our heating system and see the savings on heat management using our smart internet controller. 


In case of interruption of boiler operation or malfunction, the heating device controller can be accessed by an Authorized Service Centre team - with the user’s consent. The team will analyse the boiler operation and determine the problem without a visit to your boiler room. Boiler operation conditions - fuel consumption, operation mode and temperature - are also available remotely.


A function that allows to remotely change the boiler operating mode is most convenient.


- If the weather changes unexpectedly when you’re at work - I can disable the heating system using my phone, since in the spring the house will be heated by the sun through the windows - explains Ela from Milanówek, owner of EEI Pellets boiler. - I usually turn my heating on in the afternoon. While on a winter trip with my family to a nice warm seaside location I usually set the heating to 12 degrees without heating the domestic hot water. I turn the heating on the day of our return and I’m welcomed by a warm home. And I can take a long hot bath. No pellet is wasted.    


Convenience, actual savings and smart management of the heating system are the main advantages of using ecoNET 300 internet module dedicated for Kostrzewa devices.