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EcoSTER_K10 room thermostat - Simple and easy to use

EcoSTER _K10 room thermostat is a wireless device for easy control of KOSTRZEWA pellet boilers. A specially developed simple view function makes ecoSTER_K10 intuitive and easy to use (set Item 43 to “ON”).


The room thermostat gives you quick access to the following three functions:


  1. Temperature setting

Press any button below the screen to edit room temperature setting; use arrows to set the required temperature. Set temperature and editing symbol are displayed when the value is edited. Press the middle button to confirm temperature change.


  1. Heat Now

Press and hold the right button below the screen to enable “Heat Now” mode. The water is supplied to the radiators at a maximum temperature, overriding the weather compensation function. This mode can be used to quickly increase the room temperature. “Heat Now” mode can be enabled for one or two hours (h1 and h2 symbol, respectively). “Heat” is displayed in the right top corner of the main screen when “Heat Now” mode is enabled. Press and hold the lower bottom button below the screen to disable this function and return to previous settings.


  1. Heating Off

If the set temperature is below 10oC, heating is disabled until the temperature is set to above 10oC. “OFF” is displayed in the right top corner of the screen when the “Heating Off” mode is enabled.

Clear icons at the home screen of the room thermostat allow to monitor burner status (on/off), fuel level, ash cleaning mode, radio module connection, thermostat battery charge and alarm messages. These functions are available in the simple view; advanced functions described in the User Manual can be enabled at any time.