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Expanding our machine stock

KOSTRZEWA machine stock has been expanded with new equipment further improving the production capabilities of our advanced biomass heating systems.


Magazyn wysokiego składowania

High bay sheet metal storage area


for easy-access storage of 500 tonnes of sheet metal.

Bending machine


for the highest repeatability and quality automatic boiler parts manufacturing. The sheets are formed using a cutter, a sorter and a bending machine by two operators. Standard methods and equipment require 8 operators for the same task.

Centrum gnące

Malarnia proszkowa

Powder coating booth

includes: two paint booths, an oven with chemical washer, two curing ovens, a powder coating booth and a lifting beam. Finished and coated parts are transferred to the chemical washer for phosphate pre-treatment and cleaning and dried in the oven at 140oC. The parts are transferred to the powder coating booth where the powder coating is applied using a spray gun. Positively charged powder particles adhere to a negatively charged steel part. After drying, the parts are used further in the production process.  


The purchase was co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


European Regional Development Fund