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KOSTRZEWA ELE 24 Electric Boiler - photovoltaic-assisted cost effective heating

Kostrzewa ELE 24 Electric Boiler for central heating is now in available. Convenience. No annual inspections. Simple installation.


We proudly present the most cost effective heating device for single-dwelling units, multi-dwelling units and bungalows. As a standalone heat and hot water system it works best with photovoltaics. The device be used as an auxiliary heat source in emergencies or during fuel shortages. It seamlessly integrates with other heating devices, e.g. a solid fuel boiler, heat pump or fireplace.


Boiler control using a colour touch panel with temperature sensor installed in the room (standard) and various functions e.g. ‘heat now’. A schedule lets users benefit from the economy night energy tariffs. The boiler can be installed in any location in the house due to its silent operation and no flue gas emission. A perfect option for houses without chimneys. 


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