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Pellet - Good, Polish, smokeless

Switch from the coal to pure pellets! You will love your new heating system. Keep it clean, cheap and the pellet bag. Can you smell it? That’s the smell of forest...Don’t worry, no two-hundred years old oaks were felled for your comfort.



1. Easily available sawdust fuel

The number of pellet manufacturers grows every year. Easily available raw material means a good local fuel for our customers. It is not imported or mined.




2. Similarly priced, more convenient

Price for a good quality pellet is similar to coal, around 1000 PLN per tonne. Cheap coal and pellet is available at less than 500 PLN. Burning cheap coal will ruin your health and affect your neighbours, whereas good boiler will cleanly burn even a B class pellet available for 450 PLN per tonne without affecting the air quality.



3. Barely any ash

Expecting bags full of ash? You will, if you use eco-pea coal. Prepare your bucket. A tonne of pellet makes just several kilograms of ash - use it as a fertilizer in your garden. It does not require special disposal as the coal ash. Another point for pellet!



4. Available in bags or straight from the cistern truck

Heaps of coil - a normal picture at your fuel depot. We buy a tonne of coal and we can be pretty sure the rainwater is included. Pellet is not stored outdoors, it is available in bags or delivered straight from the cistern truck.



5. Less calories, more economy

Coal is considered more efficient than wood due to its higher calorific value, reaching up to 26 MJ/kg for coal (19 MJ/kg for pellet). However, the difference is easily compensated by the advanced technology.



6. Pellet fuel - great possibilities

Pellet fuel gave the designers of automatic boilers a change to display their true skills and develop new devices that does not require kindling. Do you want to set a temperature of 24°C in your toddler’s room in the evening? Just set the room thermostat to a required temperature...the boiler will use only as much fuel as needed to meet the heat demand and not an ounce more, since it does not have to sustain the flame like the coal boilers



7. Clean boiler room - Clean air

White boiler room walls, virtually no dust and a slight smell of wood. The comforts of an advanced pellet combustion technology. All you can see is a barely visible trickle of smoke from your chimney. No clouds of smog. The boiler room smells like freshly cut timber. You will quickly forget the dirty work.




8. Easily handled by anyone

Pellet bag weights 15 kg - 10 kg less than a bag of eco-pea coal. Bag full of pellet means a long break from the physical work in the boiler room.



9. Boiler is calling

Automatic pellet boilers inform the user if the hopper is empty or if the ash container should be emptied. The message is displayed on you room thermostat or is sent via text message. KOSTRZEWA boilers are even more advanced - the message is displayed in advance to prevent any downtime.


10. New public buildings without coal

Schools, hospitals, train stations and any other public building cannot use coal fired heating systems. It’s the law. Coal affects the conversion factors and must be replaced by pellet, gas or heat pump.