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Revolutionary changes in heating buildings: The EU is working on a ban on gas and coal

December 7, 2023. The European Parliament and the EU Council have reached an agreement on revising the Buildings Directive, targeting emissions reductions from the building sector. The new law, designed to make revolutionary changes, is awaiting formal adoption once an agreement is reached.


Ban on gas installations and coal-fired boilers in new buildings

Under the new regulations, new buildings in the EU must be zero-emission from 2028. The ban on the installation of fossil fuel stoves covers public buildings from 2028, and for private buildings, such as single-family homes, from 2030. This includes developer blocks.


Phased retrofitting for existing buildings

In an effort to eliminate emissions from buildings, the EU plans to gradually retrofit existing structures by 2040. The final shaping of the regulations will depend on each member country adapting them to its own conditions and laws.


Phasing out fossil fuel boilers

The directive requires member states to develop specific measures to phase out fossil fuels in heating and cooling, targeting a complete phase-out of boilers by 2040, according to a European Commission press release.


End of subsidies for fossil fuel boilers

From 2025, financial support for the installation of fossil fuel boilers as the sole source of heat in buildings, both new and existing, will be banned. Government and local government programs will no longer subsidize the replacement of "fossil fuel" boilers with gas heating as the only heating system.

EU regulations on heating buildings are heading for an environmental revolution, phasing out gas and coal heating. The new directive introduces stringent standards for new and existing buildings, challenging owners and residents, but also contributing to the fight against CO2 emissions from the construction sector.