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Smart heat management
4pellet 300 (previously ecoNET 300) is an advanced communication module compatible with Kostrzewa boiler controllers. Use your smartphone, tablet or PC to access your boiler parameters.

Convenience, actual savings and smart management of the heating system are the main advantages of using 4pellet 300 internet module dedicated for Kostrzewa devices.
How does it work?
  • Use your smartphone or tablet with 4pellet.apk or mobile app to manage boiler operation. New app version is currently in development.
  • The app sends an e-mail to the user including information on device status, e.g. fuel reserve alarm or ash level in the ash pan.
  • You can manage boiler operation using your PC at
  • Monitor and manage boiler operation on your PC and gain access to the central heating boiler status, alarm history and fuel consumption charts.



New app version screen


Communication between the boiler and the internet module gives full control of KOSTRZEWA boiler parameters. The internet module also provides analysis of individual heating systems. A general graph shows operation of the main heating system components. A fuel consumption graph shows how much fuel was used by the boiler in a specific period of time. You can easily calculate how much do you spend on heating per day. You can also view the operating parameters of our heating device and determine the savings from heat management using our smart internet controller.


In case of any interruptions or boiler malfunctions, the heating device controller can be accessed by an Authorized Service Centre team - with the user’s consent. The team will analyse the boiler operation and determine the problem without a need to visit your boiler room. Boiler operating conditions - fuel consumption, operation mode and temperature - can also be viewed remotely.